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So does this photo shoot for the L.A. Times mean that Jesus Bale is no more? Are we getting one step closer to seeing a clean-shaven, neat haircut CB? I can hardly believe it! On second thought... why do YOU think he loves to hide behind his scraggly hair so much? To hide from the fangirls swooning over his face? To not look like Bruce Wayne anymore (goddamnit why not?!)? Too lazy/busy to care? Guess we'll never know *sigh*

Aw no actually that shoot was from a while back. Maybe January? He is still in Jesus Bale mode.

Apparently, when Bale and his wife met, he had that Jesus Bale look going on. So I guess his wife is a fan of the look and I’m sure he loves how low-maintenance it is. And with the addition to the family, I’m sure he isn’t too bothered about the hair situation lol.

Although, I am waiting for him to go back to Bruce Wayne mode one day. Here is a picture to tide you over with though :)


Batman Begins by Kevin Tong 


Batman Begins by Kevin Tong 

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Batman Begins (2005)

the only way this could get sexier is if it was made of chocolate

Batman Begins (2005)

the only way this could get sexier is if it was made of chocolate

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Photoshoot For LA Times by Brian Van der Brug
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Christian Bale  | Filmography 2007- 2014

→ part uno and part dos

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Christian and I met just to chat and said, “Let’s find something.” He’s always good in everything, but he’s really matured and come into his own, and is particularly magnificent as Moses.

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Christian Bale might be Steve Jobs in another biopic



It looks like Christian Bale is back in the running to play Steve Jobs in the upcoming untitled biopic from Oscar-winner Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) and director Danny Boyle (127 Hours). 

Bale was originally rumored for the role when David Fincher was attached to direct, but after he dropped out of the project Bale followed suit. Boyle was then hired to direct, and immediately went after Leonardo DiCaprio for the lead role. The two had previously worked together on The Beach, but DiCaprio ultimately decided to pass on the project.

Christian Bale and Danny Boyle AND Aaron Sorkin?!


GET THAT OSCAR! omg… But if he gets an Oscar for this and Leo passed on it…. 

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 Christian Bale out and about in Brentwood (Oct 14th, 2014)

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And I thought my jokes were bad… 

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What do you think about Ben Affleck as the new Batman ?


ummm… I’m not exactly looking forward to it. Mainly because I’ve never felt that emotionally invested in any of Ben’s characters (in any of his movies). I also don’t like Zack Snyder as a director, so I don’t think that will help Ben.

Ngl, I’m extremely attached and slightly overprotective of this character. Ben is just not was I envisage when I think of Bruce Wayne/Batman. I also don’t like bulky Batmans but that’s just a detail and my opinion. I’m not rooting for him to fail, but I’m not going to get me hopes up either. I’ll just leave it at that.

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Ten Outstanding Actings by Christian Bale - 6/10 - Empire of the Sun

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Watch Christian Bale talk about the heated rivalry in Exodus: Gods and Kings.

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