and no rivers and no lakes can but the fire out . 
          i’m gonna raise the stakes , i’m gonna smoke you out .

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Christian Bale having a laugh attack and turning into a tortoise


Here you go, luv

  #I just want Casey Affleck to tell me his life anecdotes  #And was it so hard to get a ton of Casey/Bale interviews?!
New stills - Exodus : Gods and Kings (2014)
  #You are so lucky you have Bale in this Ridley  #only reason I will watch

Reading that interview where Ridley Scott crushed on Bale as an actor made me so happy today. And the fact that he loved Bale in 3:10 to Yuma is just everything!!!

  #You could have been such a great mentor!  #You were like a beautiful and delicious dessert that got ruined by a shitty aftertaste

Christian Bale and Wife Sibi Welcome Baby No. 2!


  #I hope they have a Prince  #but I'll be equally happy for a Princess


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [3/∞] favorite male characters:→ Bruce Wayne

  #my hair and eyes come in black  #and also my name is Gotham  #sooooo when is our wedding?


Batman Begins (2005)

  #lol but what if that tazer hit your cape and then the electricity made your cape go crazy  #ilu but I'd pay so much money to watch a blooper reel of all the ways that cape would fail

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  #oh yeahhhhhh (in the kool-aid guy voice)  #just what I needed before going to bed


The New World (2005)

  #You were such a fucking dickhead John Smith  #John are lucky you got Christian Bale to play you and make you look adorable!  #You deserved a better life Pocahontas

I believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you…stranger.

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We have a warrant for your wife’s arrest. 

She’s charged with sense offense. 

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  #When we're married you better fight that hard for me  #lol what am I saying?  #of course you will  #equilibirium  #john preston
  #no smile like a Christian Bale smile  #i miss your face  #come out of hiding already!  #You're not Batman  #but you kinda are  #christian bale
  #you can't tell me he's not a great actor  #you're not even allowed to think it around me
  #but really  #he's probably one of the only humans who can compete with furry baby animals in an adorability competition